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A company that promotes a lifetime journey of fitness and outdoor recreation. Whether you are looking for general health and wellness to live a large and full life or are preparing for a wilderness expedition we want to work with you to achieve these goals.

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Join us through the winter, and get outside with our 6 month ski training program, learn the skills to read and navigate your kayak down a white water river or work with a personal trainer to get your strength and endurance up before heading to Alaska for that hunting trip of a lifetime. Whatever your reason, we want you to come To The Woods.

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My husband and I have hiked both the West Coast and North Coast Trails after having fitness coaching from Steven. His knowledge of the backcountry ensured that the exercise programs he designed honed our bodies for the specific movements the trails needed. Knowing we were fit and strong enough gave us such confidence and increased our enjoyment of the hiking. To The Woods Training will prepare you for any adventure! We couldn’t have done it without them.

Anna H

"From the gym to the water! I was introduced to Steven about a year ago as I wanted to reignite my passion for paddling. Steven is a very skilled and kind guide with exceptional ability to inspire physical and mental growth. He safely pushes me outside my comfort zone both at the gym and on the water. With his kind and insightful approach to my abilities he has maximized my paddling potential. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone pursuing their passion for the outdoors from a beginner to the advanced."

Larry Young

"Steven has been my ski coach for 3 years, along with some personal training and paddling instruction (he is immediately there if you can't roll up!). Steven is infinitely patient, always listening, technically skilled, and works hard to modify his programs to suit the needs of his groups or individuals. He had an immediate following of about 60 individuals when starting up his own company for 6 months ski training, and has fostered such a great community from the competitive to the strictly social skiers. We will all happily be registering for the next 20 years"


"I have participated in the ski program for the last 3 years. A godsend during Covid!
The dryland program has allowed me to become overall stronger and my skiing technique has improved.
The instructors are knowledgeable, competent and friendly and have helped foster a great learning environment.
Great camaraderie with fellow participants!
Highly recommend it!"
Louise L

"I have worked with Steven for around 12 years and have seen him progress as he has started out teaching, guiding and coaching. He is always learning, reading and taking courses to further his knowledge and skills in order to pass them onto any participant that comes his way. He is a man of integrity to treat each person with value and dignity where they are at and is able to listen to the needs of each person and adapt a program to meet their needs. He has a quiet confidence and strength that you are able to trust in the wilderness environment and he is a natural teacher to detect and correct what is needed to progress the skills of those he is teaching. You can trust To the Woods Training Co to deliver and produce results to develop your skills and fitness in a friendly, personal environment." A.H.

"I have been training and Nordic skiing with To The Woods for a few years now and it has really made a difference in my life. The group is so supportive and Steve adapts the programme for everyone from the novice skier to the Fit and Fast expert!" Alison


4 week backcountry canoe trip with toddlers – #1
4 week backcountry canoe trip with toddlers – #1

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